How Green is Green?

Austin is making great strides in the world of Green living. While some of us may conjure images of tree-hugging idealism and radical ideas that cost mountains of money, in just a few short years we will all begin to associate Green Living with saving money.

Looking back to building standards from the 60's and earlier, most home buyers can recognize that an older AC unit, single pane glass, and minimum insulation will all contribute to higher energy bills. What may not be as obvious is that this is all a relative conversation. Building standards are constantly changing, and buyer expectation for energy efficiencies are raising the bar constantly. As a buyer, the more you know about energy efficiencies, and the more your Realtor understands about the affects of the various features of a home on the day to day cost of living in a home--the more money you stand to save over time. And these saving can be huge. Most of us understand the impact of what a 1/2 point of compounded interest has on the savings over time--effective energy planning can have similar impact to your budget and savings.

So whether you are buying new, or buying a resell, let's talk about the green factors that play into your decision process for your new home.

Save money. Live Green.

Side Note: As a buyer of Real Estate in Texas, did you know that you do not pay the commission for a Buyer's Agent (Realtor) to represent you in the transaction? If your Realtor has experience buying and selling homes, you will always be advantaged by using a Realtor. A full time Realtor buys and sells homes every day, every week, and every month of the year. Regardless of how many homes you have bought and sold in your life time, hire a strong Realtor that brings something to the table that you need--current and local market experience. Save money. Hire the best.


  1. Here is a cool idea - solar roof shingles and tiles... 3 companies that I know of

  2. Yes. Green is happening, and it is happening because it makes sense for consumers and home owners. It is becoming more and more common to find a home with with solar panels on the roof these days. And with federal and local rebates available for these updates, if you are going to be in the home for at least 8-10 years, the pay off can be very rewarding. As we move forward, we will find more and more of these updates and upgrades happening in our communities. Wind turbines are also starting to make their way into the Austin economy. I would say that in 10 years from now this will not be a conversation of note--as it will be so common that it will be expected for home above the median home value in the city.

    And while we are on the topic--did you know that Austin is on the cutting edge of manufacturing and development for new solar and wind technology? Texas wants to lead the nation, and Austin is taking a leadership role in the the new energy horizon.

  3. One last note about Solar panels. If you are installing solar panels on your home, consider replacing your roof shingles first. Putting solar panels on an old roof may end up costing you more money when the roof is replaced. Taking the solar panels down to re-roof can be costly. Plan ahead.


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