Which schools are the best?

One of the most important questions that clients ask me every day is "What about the school systems? We want our kids to be in an area with great schools...". Well, I have good news for you and you are looking in the right place. Austin has some of the best public schools in the nation!

I work with clients who are relocating from the West Coast, East Coast, and various parts of the country, and I hear the horror stories of public schools every week. Questions concerning our drop-out rate, crime in schools and other issues in the schools are simply not top-of-mind for most parents in the Austin area--that is just not something that we worry too much about in Greater Austin today (knock on wood!). Austin families are very involved in school life, and keeping our schools strong is a priority for our city and communities.

There are many, many, many great schools in the Austin area, including Top 100 High Schools in the nation. Some people may believe that there is only one part of Austin that has the best schools, but it simply isn't true. Anyone who looks at the Texas Education Commission's ratings for Austin schools, knows that we have great schools in virtually every part of the Austin area. yes, there are a few communities that have some schools that need help, but all in all, we have more good schools, and more great schools, than the few stragglers and challenged schools.

I won't mention any of the specific schools or Independent Schools Districts that have the best reputation, because buying a home has too many other considerations that must be tied to the decision making process. Because we have a host of great schools, if you are interested in learning more about what is going to work for you and yours, give me a call and we can talk about your particular needs.

Bottom line--we have schools!


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