Real Estate Interactive Blogging...

I don't know the answers to every question about Austin and our local Real Estate market, but I do know more than a little bit about the subject and I know how to help my clients find answers. 

What questions do you have about Austin Real Estate and Austin communities to which you have not been able to find answers? Education. Taxes. Getting around. The Lakes. The river. Water level in the lakes. Golf--I really like to talk about golf. Our dirt. Rocks in our dirt. The cost of dirt in Austin. The Suburbs. Social life. Lenders. Inspections. Foundations. Weather. You name the topic and ask a question or start a discussion. I would be happy to join in, tell you what I know, and invite others to do the same.

This is not a game of "stump the chump." Call it interactive Blogging. Now it is your turn.


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