Will Staging Help Sell your House?

As you prepare to put your home on the market, one question that you will have to struggle with is "Should I stage my home?" and then the next question--"What does that mean for me?"

This question is really a portfolio of questions and discussions. Generally speaking, I believe the answer is "Yes"--some form of staging and preparing the home to sell is critical to whether or not your home is likely to sell, and the time-frame in which you will go from FOR SALE to SOLD. Now, the real question is "What level of staging and preparation do I need to undertake to sell my home?" And this is where the conversation begins.

Staging in its purest form would involve a "Professional Stagger" coming in and make recommendations on paint, furniture, landscaping, and potentially making some changes to the home. Well, that can become rather expensive, and you may not have the budget for a professional Stagger. From this budgetary extreme, all the way down to "Doing very little" are many levels of things that can be done, and probably should be done to increase the value of your property, and increase the likelihood that your home will actually sell this season.

I start with one very simple principle: REMOVE ALL DISTRACTIONS from the home. Well, this sounds simple, but in truth, what distracts me, may not be what distracts you. So, what do you remove? Everything, positive or negative that gets the attention of a buyer and makes them think about you when they are walking through your home. When a buyer is thinking about you, they are not thinking about buying your home. While this is just the first critical step in getting your home ready to sell, it is a very important one. Many things in your home are things that you have been looking at for so long that you don't even notice them any more. Well, rest assured, a buyer will notice everything about your home and everything in your home. So, the more distractions you can remove, the more likely you will actually sell your home, faster, and at a better price.
There is no way for me to tell you in this brief article all the things that you should do to sell your home, but I will give you my rule for knowing when your home is ready to put on the market. If it still feels like your home, you may not be ready to list and market your home. Does it sound hard? Well, the first few times you prepare a home to sell you may want to consider hiring a professional stagger to help.

Call me today. I will be happy to discuss listing, staging, marketing and selling your Austin area home.


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