New Commuter Rail Lines coming!

Yes, we have been waiting and waiting for it, and it is starting to look like the first metro rail line may be opening for business in Q1 of 2010. It will be more than 2 years late, but what a wonderful addition to our Greater Austin area. That's the good news. And the news gets even better. Capital Metro's plan has legs that take into consideration that we are still growing across all of Greater Austin. "All Systems Go!" is CapMetro's long range initiative and plan to make Austin the first city in Texas and one of the first cities in the nation to have such an aggressive, contemporary and comprehensive transit plan for our city's growth. I am sure that we will continue to see some start-stops as we push forward with these plans. But let us let CapMetro get it right. In the end--we will all have a huge new benefit added to the long list of reasons we love our city.All Systems Go!


  1. Follow up new video: CapMetro Could Be Running By Jan--Maybe:


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