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There is no such thing as "perfect timing" in Real Estate. Lots of people look for the illusive "market bottom", but as they say in the south--That dog won't hunt. I wish I could tell you that there is a Real Estate crystal ball that will tell you when a particular market has reached its all time bottom--but there simply is no such fortune or formula. You can be smart about your purchase, but at the end of the day, a buyer who is trying to time their Real Estate purchase to catch "the bottom", will most likely be disappointed. Bottoms come and go, but most Real Estate markets appreciate over time. Buying a house to live in is not just an investment; it should be a place that you enjoy--a place that you call home.

It will be several years from now before you know for sure how good your timing was in buying your new home. There is just no way around it. Perfect Timing is not about deciding when to buy a home, it is about deciding TO BUY a home that is going to make you happy, and one that you can afford.

My recommendations to you are: Find a great Realtor (I know one). Find a great community or area that meets your needs. Find a great home in that community. Buy it. In a few years from now, your prospects for having appreciation are good. But if you believe you can time the market perfectly, you will still be looking for a house next year, in which case you are guaranteed that your market appreciation will be a big goose egg (another southern colloquialism meaning 'you did not meet your objective').

Don't be the person who looks back on this year and says "It really was a great time to buy a home in Austin, and I wish we had realized it.".

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