Good Investments in NW Austin

One of the areas of Austin that seems to hold its value and continue to be a place where people want to live is North West Austin. And one of the big factors that draw buyers into the NW Austin corridor is Westwood High School. Ranked in the nations top 100 High Schools, year after year, this part of Austin has a lot to offer. Home prices here are considerably more affordable than homes closer in to downtown Austin. Nearby retail is abundant. Convenient highway and tollway access. Positioned roughly in the middle between downtown and Lake Austin. Oh, and did I mention the schools?

This is a Real Estate community that has some of the new, and lots of the older style homes of Austin. One thing about the homes in this area is that they feel less "cookie cutters". Many communities have large, old trees, and some of the lot sizes can be much larger than newer style communities in this same general price range.

Let's look at a sample of this year's stats for communities reporting to Westwood High School:
  • Year to date (YTD): Nov. 19, 2009
  • 122 homes are currently for sale
  • 394 homes have SOLD YTD
  • 45 add. homes are now under contract to sell (total: 493)
  • Median Days on Market was 35 days! 
  • Average DOM was 53 days!
  • The average home sold was ~ 2200-2400 square feet
  • The avg and median home Sold under $295,000
  • 31 of these 493 Sold in less than 3 days on the market!
  • 100/493 homes Sold in less than 10 days on the market!
  • 206/493 of these homes sold in less than 31 days! 
  • That's 42% sold in less than a month
So, if you are looking for value, and these kinds of numbers look like a smart investment choice for you--let's talk.


  1. Side note to Westwood High School. There are close to 1500 High Schools in the state of Texas. Wikipedia reports that there are over 26,000 public High Schools in America. Westwood High is in the top 100 High Schools in the country. That's a very high standing.

  2. For more information on the Top 100 public High Schools in the nation, see this publication of News Week:


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