Saving Energy is Saving Money!

Here is an easy way for you to save some money--by being just a little bit more green. The cold weather of winter is heading our way. Try this little plan. Treat this winter as if it were summer. If you like to keep the house really cold during the hot summer, let you house stay colder during the winter instead. Say your ideal summer temperature is 74 degrees inside the house. Dial it back 2-3 degrees and make that your winter target temperature. Put on some extra layers. Enjoy the brisk feeling of the season.

You can do the same thing in the summer. Pretend that it is winter and set your thermostat accordingly. If your ideal winter house temperature used to be 77 degrees...dial it forward a few degrees and dress comfortably. If you don't already have them, put more ceiling fans in your home--office, living room and bedrooms. You will be amazed at how much energy (and money!) you can save.

Save money. Live Greener.


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