1/3 of the story

If you are reading this Blog about Austin...Thank you.
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And if you are only watching, or reading or following one part of the story--well, you may be missing out on some interesting bits about what is happening in our city. Here and now. Feel free to take in all three of the dimensions of the publication. And when you are watching, tweeting, or reading--give me a shout out to tell me what you think. Like it. Hate it. Maybe you want to add to the story. I would love to hear from you. And if you want to start researching homes and communities, be sure to link to me on ZipRealty.com. Just click on the link: "Begin Working with Tim". And we can get the ball rolling.

You can also keep track of me on FaceBook. It is certainly the more personal side of my life and travels--but if you are interested in knowing more about your Realtor, please--be my guest.


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