Austin: 1.7M people and growing!

In September of 2009, the census report for the Greater Austin area reported that Austin grew during the past 9 years from 1.25M to 1.73M people.


          Apr 2000
                  Sept 2009
City of Austin
Extra Territorial Jurisdiction
Travis County
Austin--Round Rock MSA
The Austin region continues to experience intense development, growth and area redevelopment. Geographically, Austin continues to "re-invent itself" every few years. Although there is an enormous amount of residential development currently underway within the urban and downtown Austin areas, the thousands of new housing "units" being created will be a drop in the bucket of total residential units to be created in the coming years to accomodate a projected growth nearing 3 million people during the next 20-30 years. Smart growth, energy utilization, transportation, education, technology and health care seem to have long term foundations in our community--giving Austin a strong projected economic diversity

In the end, Austin’s quality of life is its biggest economic development engine, and the city’s diverse demographics and economics serve to support and enrich its quality of life. Austin is a city of natural beauty and attraction with a special gravitational pull on people of all sort of backgrounds, nationalities, socioeconomics, political beliefs, religious cultures, and an abundant willingness to live and let live.  


  1. It does not matter whose estimated growth figures you look at--everyone knows that Austin is growing--fast. Most census estimates that I have read indicate that Austin will continue to grow at a rate of ~50,000-75,000 people a year for the next three decades. You can find these projections at


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