Austin's Iconic Flamingos

Austin is filled with colorful stories and history. One of the ever-changing and fun icons in Austin can be found at the corner of Bee Caves and Capitol of Texas Highway (360). This Austin institution is the Pots and Plants Garden Center. But many of us just know it as the corner where Austin's Flamingos roost. Now these are not your everyday run-of-the-mill flamingos--these birds are story tellers. If there is something going on in the city, you will know it from the color and the posture of the birds at this infamous intersection. If it is a holiday, you will know which holiday it is from the color of the birds, but then sometimes you have to know who is doing what in Austin, to understand the story line.

If you see a field of yellow Flamingos and one riding a bike, you can be assured that Lance is back on the road in parts unknown of France. And if you see half of the field in UT Orange, and half of the field in Maroon--lying down flat out on the ground, you can assume that the Aggies have either met their demise or will meet their Texas revivals in the coming week. If it is a holiday,expect to see colors emerge to celebrate the season or the event.

So, if you have not been by to see this fun bit of local color, drive by today and have a smile--cutesy of Austin's own--Pots and Plants Garden Center.





  1. This is now a piece of Austin history. The flamingos have migrated to parts unknown.


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