Austin's Quality of Life

I have lived in San Diego, Houston, Austin, Memphis, Hong Kong, Singapore and traveled to more than 30 countries in world during the past 25 years, and I believe that Austin has one of the highest qualities of life standard of almost any city in the world--in my humble opinion.

Quality of Life is not something that we talk about much any more. I am not sure why that is, but I think it is a over-sight of our present time. It used to be that a great emphasis was put on a community's Quality of Living. While I am sure there are many different ideas that come along with the concept of a high standard for Quality of Living, here are my thoughts about how Austin fits the paradigm of truly a great place to live. 
  • Think of Austin as a large-small city or a small-large city. Either way, you get some of the benefits from both sides of the coin here.
  • Austin has one of the lowest reported crime rates in the nation--a factor that can not be underestimated, especially if you are coming from an area of high crime.
  • Austin has traffic, but the rush hour congestion is not nearly as bad as many large cities, and with the new toll ways, and passenger rail (coming!), transportation in Austin is infinitely better than many cities where I have lived or traveled over the years.
  • Education in Austin is among the best in the nation. Whether you are concerned with K-12 or area colleges, Austin has some of the best universities in the country, Top 100 recognized High Schools, and a host of exemplary and recognized feeder schools from which to choose. 
  • Austin offers recreation such as: nationally recognized live music, water sports, almost year-around golf, quick access to the coast and international travel. And many other venues to re-create. 
  • People. Austin is a population that is diverse, well educated, and tolerant. Diversity is a hallmark of culture and our community, and you can see it in every aspect of our culture. 
  • Austin has jobs--something that we will not soon take for granted. While our job market is fairly diverse, we have strong foundations in High Tech, Education, Health Care and Government. But people come to Austin for more than just great jobs.
  • Cost of Living in our fair city is pretty darn good. Compare cities in the nation where people really want to live, and ask yourself, "Where can I buy a home for under $200,000 and live 20 mins from downtown?" The answer will be "Not many places on the planet." Of course, you can also own a beautiful home between $1M - $14M in Austin. We have a lot more $MM homes in Austin than many people realize. Again, adding to our diversity.
  • Persons of stature. Austin is a very low key city, and because of this fact, we attract individuals of celebrity and stature who can come to Austin, relax and be themselves--without having to worry about harassment and the paparazzi or busy bodies.
  • Scenery. We are fortunate here in having a multitude of beautiful natural surroundings. First, the Texas Hill Country starts in Austin. Views for miles, greenbelts and preserve land. The rivers and lakes of Austin make for wonderful views and places to play. And the Texas Wine Vineyards are just an hour away. So much scenery to enjoy.
  • Sports. Sitting in the middle of the Dallas/Houston/San Antonio triangle, Austin has access to all the professional sports programs you might want to enjoy, and of course, if you live in Austin, you are automatically a UT fan. Hook 'Em horns.
  • Food. Texans like to eat. And we like to cook. Austin has food, but if you haven't figured it out yet, we don't make a production of our eating establishments. Sometimes you have to do some research to find the best places to eat.
Well, the list does go on, but you can see that I am a part of the Virtual Welcoming Committee for the city. It does not pay much, but living in Austin is pay-enough.


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