Austin Sales Stratification - 2009

During 2009, the Greater Austin area saw 20,343 homes sold (including Single Family Residences, Condos and Townhouses--excluding Multi-Family residences). I categorically define homes sold in 5 groups:
  1. First Time Home buyer/Investor priced homes. Homes sold under $199,999.
  2. Median Plus priced homes. Homes sold between $200,000 to 399,999.
  3. Luxury Home Tier 1. Homes starting at 2x the median home value. $400,000 to $599,999.
  4. Luxury Home Tier 2. Homes ranging from $600,000 to $999,999.
  5. Luxury Exclusive. Homes starting at $1M and above.
Homes sold in each of these Tiers in 2009:
  • First Time HBuyer/Investor:    11,229
  • Median Plus:                             6,985
  • Luxury Home Tier 1:                 1,377
  • Luxury Home Tier 2:                   549
  • Luxury Exclusive:                       203
For buyers and investors alike, the entry price point under $200,000 is always a strong market in Austin. For the Luxury Home buyers and sellers, Austin continues to be a community of great long term investment opportunity.


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