How do our Taxes compare?

One question that is often asked by someone moving to Austin from outside of the state -- "Why are property taxes so high in Texas?" Good question. One of our taxes may in fact be higher than your home state, but be sure when comparisons are drawn that all of the comparative tax burden is taken into consideration before making an apples to apples comparison. The truth is, Austin has one of the lowest total tax burdens and lowest costs of living of any major city in the nation, and when you consider that you can get so much more for your money here compared to most major cities, I would wager a bet to say that you will probably come out miles ahead in Austin--when you sit down and do the math.

Tax Burden, 2005
Texas United States
State and local taxes per capita, total $3,015 $3,698
Property 1,320 1,132
Sales 1,357 1,293
Individual income 0 813
Corporate income 0 145
Other taxes 338 315
State and local taxes per $1000 of personal income 100 113

State & Local Taxes Percapita, 2005


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