Staging your home to Sell

Selling a home has many challenges that must be over-come by the seller and listing agent team. If everyone is not on-board and heading in the same direction, the chances of selling your home become much less predictable. Unfortunately, understanding buyer behavior and getting the home ready to sell is not always obvious or intuitive. Some common statements that I hear from sellers everyday highlight the challenge:
  • "If they don't like the bright paint--they can change it! Paint is cheap."
  • "This room is huge--look at all the really big furniture we have in it."
  • "Landscaping is cheap. The inside is what really matters...".
  • "We like it. I know other people will like it."
  • "They can look past that..."
  • "Carpet is easy to replace."
The sentiments are understandable, but one of the most important things that a seller can do is to take off their shoes, and put on the honest, detached and non-emotional shoes of their target buyers. All of their potential buyers. Now the world looks different.

My advise to sellers begins with some simple principles:
  1. Very Soon--this will not be your home. The faster you can divorce yourself from the fact that this home will belong to another family soon, the faster you will accept what needs to be done to stage and ready the home to sell. And since you will be moving soon, now is the time to begin packing up personal items and extra furniture that you can live without during this transition period.
  2. Remove all distractions from the property. Buyers are distracted by "things" inside and outside your home. Once a buyer starts down a path of distraction, they have stopped thinking about buying your home. This is bad. 
  3. There are three types of distractions: Positive Distractions. Negative Distractions. And Confusing Distractions. It does not matter whether the buyer is distracted positively by your family photos, negatively by dark red paint in the master, or is confused about what a room is supposed to be or not be--once they start heading in this direction, they have stopped considering your house as a candidate for their new home.
Well, these are just my basic principles of staging and getting your home ready to sell. There is obviously a great deal more involved in selling your home. If you want to know more about getting your home ready to sell in Austin, and how to effectively market your home--please do get in touch with me.


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