You can't Trust your Eyes

I tell all of my clients "You know, Real Estate photography is a lie--by definition. Houses that you find online are either a lot better than they appear online, or much worse than they appear online. Seldom are homes as you expect them from their photos online. The only way to really see the differences between the houses, and what $1 will buy in Austin Real Estate is to get in the car with me and go open some doors together."

My estimates are that about 1/3 of the homes that you see will be far worse than the "Ready to move in" condition that you expected. 1/3 of the homes will be better than you expected (a good Realtor can sometime pick out the better homes once he knows what you are looking for in a home), and 1/3 will be somewhat close to what you expected. But what you almost never see in photos is the house next door, the community, or the one really bad feature of the home that is going to keep you from buying that particular home (or even the one really great feature that makes you love the house!).

In the end, online research is just the beginning of the process. The real search begins when we meet at Starbucks and you tell me what is most important to you in your home search, and we go open some doors together to see what you think and feel. 


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