Keeping up with the Technology

I am in the middle of negotiating a Post Inspection amendment to a contract at this writing. This is a favorable change in the contract for the buyer after a professional inspection has been performed for the buyer. Surprises from the inspection promoted the need for an amendment to this sales contract. When we wrote up this amendment to the contract, I loaded a PDF version of the amendment into an electronic signature application and sent a link to my client for her online review and signatures. She was able to pull up the document from the server, read it, click a few buttons and "Wallah", we have a signed document that can be emailed to the other agent for their clients review.

When I issue contract documents of any description I use electronic signature systems from third party companies who provide secured e-signatures. This is as legally binding as paper and ink, and saves a tremendous amount of time and energy for me and my clients. Electronic signatures eliminate the need for a scheduled meeting, a drive across town, faxes, and the confusion of dealing with documents that are hard to read and harder to manage.

The technology has been around for a couple of years now, and we promote it aggressively with our new Realtors and colleagues in the industry. You would think that a software service like this that is readily available, saves time and money, helps buyers and sellers manage their time more effectively, would be something that every Realtor would have in their portfolio. Right? Well, sadly, this is not the case. We are fortunate at Zip Realty. We have a team locally and nationally that believes that using technology more effectively is a benefit to our clients. There are only 12 working hours in a day, and if I can save 2 hours of driving each time a document needs to be initialed or a change has to be made at the last minute, this gives me more time to answer my phone and work through the real challenges and problems that clients experience every day when buying and seller their home. I would rather be personally helping my clients, and use the technology to stay ahead of curve, than relying on the technology of decades past at the detriment of my time and the time of my clients.

As always, if you need a Realtor who considers his work a business, and considers your best interests his greatest priority--please do give me a call. I would love to talk to you.


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