Austin Builders are Building! Local Market is Heating up!

Builders, like Realtors, follow trends and look for "an opening" to get the best possible deals on land just before the upward rush. Like the stock market, there are buyers who buy ahead of the up-swing, buyers who buy during the up-swing, and buyers who wish they had bought when prices were so low.

The Austin Statesman reported yesterday a sale of 440 acres of land in Greater Austin to one of Austin's most prominent national builders--Taylor Morrison.  This transaction has gotten a lot of attention because it is a huge investment and a very clear sign that this builder, and other builders, see that we have reached a valley that is soon going to disappear in the local market. If you talk to builders you will find that they are very bullish on the local market and the growth of our Austin economy. Builders are not complaining, because they are selling homes in the Austin area. Business is good, and it is getting better--fast. 

If you would like to read more about what the real estate developers are saying about Austin's future--click here.


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