Home Built for Mobile Disabilities in Austin

On July 9th, Customized ADA Homes will have their showcase grand opening for the first of many custom remodeled homes for the mobile disabled. With more of our national population living getting older and living longer, and with very little attention given to the differences between the mobile disabled and the "able bodied" adults, the need for this type of home has been right in front of us for years, but few have focused on this need. Zip Realty and I are proud to play a very small role in this ground breaking concept of redesigning an existing home so that a person or family with mobile disabilities can live a more accommodating life in their own home. Customized ADA Homes is a new company, whose ideas come from years of experience in the field of medicine, working with the mobile disabled, and from the world of construction.

Inspired by her clients, Lynn Smith knew that ADA and Smart standards for building were not enough to truly accomodate a person with physical handicaps in the home. It was a start, but there were so many other challenges inside the home that Lynn knew from her daily work with "at home patients" that she and Donovan, her husband, a construction manager himself, knew that there was an opportunity to do more. With the inspiration from her friends and clients, Customized ADA Homes was born.

Some of the home features include wheel chair accessible "everything", closets, shoe racks, lights, plugs, ramps, wheel chair accessible garage design, wheelchair deck and ramp to yard, kitchen and bath room sinks with wheel chair accessibility, completely gutted and redesigned bath for wheelchair access in master, pantry access design, accessible drawer designs--everything redesigned from the perspective of a person sitting in a wheel chair.You will be amazed.

If you are interested in coming out and being a part of the grand opening of this first innovation in mobility disabled home designs, give me a call or send me an email for time and address. Tim.Thornton@ziprealty.com; 512.914.4665. We would love to see you there!


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