A Promise to my Sellers

If you are my client and you are selling your home, I just want you to know that not all Realtors are alike. And sadly, it has nothing to do with experience, but everything to do with customer service and the professional courtesy that makes the Real Estate industry work.

I was just reminded after trying to reach an Austin Realtor for 10 days about one of her listings, that some agents feel as though they don't have to communicate, return calls, texts or emails, and don't have to respond to potential buyers regarding their client's listing. If the listing Realtor does not like the offer, or feels as though the seller will not accept an offer, they sometimes will not even respond to calls or dialogue with a Buyer's Agent whose buyer client may be ready to launch an offer on this property. Well, this is simply short-sighted, arrogant and/or lazy--in my humble opinion. Sometimes Realtors have been in the business too long, and they simply need to retire. If you have lost your passion for the business, step aside and stop telling clients how long you have been in the business as a badge of honor. For you, your years in the business may actually be in direct conflict with your ability or willingness to do your job well.

In this day and age, every call from another Realtor should be engaged and  entertained, even if the listing agent is 90% convinced that the offer is not going to be accepted by the seller. It is not the role or responsibility of a Realtor to speak for or decide for a client what they should accept or not accept, and every call from a prospective client through their Realtor should be returned and dialogue should be developed between the two agents.

Let me promise you, my client, if I am listing your house you will not get word back on me that I did not respond to emails, text and phone calls from prospective buyers or agents. In fact, the things that you will read about me from my clients is that I will call, text and email potential buyers and agents and try to create dialogue to sell your home. My job is to represent you. To coach you. To let you know what buyer's think about your home. To let you know when buyers are interested in making offers on your home. And when another Realtor calls me to talk about your listing--my job is to stop what I am doing, talk to the other Realtor, and create a bridge upon which an offer can be delivered and negotiated to the best interest of my client.

If you have ever had a Realtor not return your calls--well, so have I. I don't like it and I find it to be very unprofessional, and I don't think it is in the best interest of either the seller or the buyer when a Realtor picks and chooses who they decide to talk to about a client's listing.

Choose your Realtor well.

If you need a Realtor ®, I would be honored to assist you in your home search, purchase or selling your Austin area home.


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