Do Professional Players still need a Coach?

It may sound like a strange question to ask on a Real Estate blog, but I think it is a worth while question to ponder.

Here are the facts for you to consider:
  • NFL Players typically spend most of their life dedicated to their sport, leading up to signing a contract to play pro-ball.
  • Work-outs. A typical player may work-out several hours a day on non-game days, not to mention regular weight training and drills.
  • And on game days, players have to be 110% engaged and "turned on" for the game.
  • Other sports. Players may be involved in other recreational sports, such as golf or basketball to help exercise other muscles and give them a different physical and mental advantage, or to just help them de-stress.
  • Study. The best players study the game and the sport. They know game strategy inside and out. Physically, and mentally. Mental preparation and stability is a key element in any sport.
  • Practice with the team. Players work with the team. Even the super stars are recognized team players. 
So, if a professional NFL Player spends so much time in practice, preparation and study of the game, why do they need a coach? What can a NFL coach possibly offer to the best of the best in professional athletics? A lot.

First of all, coaches are professionals as well. And, football, like Real Estate, is a team sport. It takes a full team effort to win a game, and create a winning season. From the watchful eyes and sideline advise of an observant coach, to the fast thinking reactions of the quarterback, to the skillful hands of the receivers--everyone works together to create success. In our culture, we focus a lot on the QB's, Receivers and a hand full of "key" players, the closing scores, and the seasonal record, but behind the bench the coaches (plural) are looking at every play, every player, and every detail of the strategy from the opening kick off to the last minutes of the game. It all adds up to create a single winning game.

In Real Estate, if you have bought a house or several houses in the past, you may feel like you are a seasoned quarterback, and don't really need coaching, or professional assistance in your Real Estate search or transaction. You may feel like you have already played the game enough time that you can't possibly miss something, or learn something new about local Real Estate or a given transaction.

In the end, you may determine that one can be overly confident in sports or in business, and this kind of "confidence" usually leads to one's downfall, not one's success. Real Estate is a sport better played with a professional team, with a good coach who has both the big picture view and detailed plan to execute on any given day or situation. A coach that knows his extended team, and how to lead his team to wins--play by play. And a good coach knows that no matter how many games you have played, the next one will be different. The next play is always the one that counts most--not the last one.

If you are looking for a Real Estate coach to help you buy or sell your next home, please give me a call. Let's talk.


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