Austin Food Carts and the Non-Foodie Thai Review

If you read my first food review Sunday Brunch Downtown Austin, you already know that I lay no claims to the priesthood in the Faith of the Foodies. It is a noble calling, but I am a mere mortal in the world of food. Never the less, I do have a taste bud or two that I have learned to exploit from time to time. This week, I used one of those buds to check out one of the famous "Austin Food Carts"--A Touch of Fire, on Barton's Springs Rd, near 1st Street (across from the Palmer Event Center parking lot).

I lived in South East Asia for 2 years, and traveled to Bangkok and Phuket frequently. Thailand is known for at least two things: Wonderful food and very gracious people. Well, A Touch of Fire has brought both to Austin. Authentic and incredible. If you are looking for Thai food or you want to try something just a little different--check this out.

One of the things that makes Thai food so delectable (don't you like saying "Delectable") to the Texas palate is the combination of sweet and spicy. It simply works with our tastes, Bud. But don't be fooled into thinking that you can handle the full-on "spicy" food of Thailand. If a Thai asks you if you want it to be more spicy--politely decline and you will live to see another day. It will be a little spicy regardless, but if you were to eat Thai food the way the natives eat Thai food, my next article would have to be your obituary. That's just simply how that works.

We ordered Pad Thai Chicken. And we ate it so fast that when we were finished I realized that I needed to write another simple food blog for my new foodie followers--both of you. So we got another order--to go. No problem. I will enjoy it later tonight with a Modelo Cerveza (such a wonderful mild beer that I just recently discovered).

One of the cool things about this whole Austin Food Truck thing is that there is always more than just the restaurant where you are eating. So, after dinner, we slide over to the MamboBerry truck and got a Peach Frozen "Yogurt" (looks like home made ice cream to me) with blueberries and raspberries on top. Oh my goodness. I did not think my wife was going to let me have any. It just melted in my mouth (insert smiley face here). Really. It reminded me of my southern mother's home made ice cream. A perfect ending to a perfectly delightful food event.

Go check out these two carts. Close your eyes and pretend you just spent $25 to eat inside. If you don't love it, find me and I will give you a rebate of some sort on your next home purchase to make up for my recommendation. But if you loved it, come find me and I will buy you lunch at my new favorite Thai truck while we are out looking for your new home.

I really do make a better Realtor than Culinary Priest.


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