Homeless and Cold in Austin

If you had to choose a city to end up being homeless, I suppose there are worse places to be tonight. We are fortunate in Austin because of our strong economy and mild climate, and our homeless population is smaller than many cities--but it has grown over the past couple of years. 

This time of year as the freezing cold weather has made it's way to our area, most of us are busy covering our hose bibs and outdoor plants, while some of our neighbors are concerned about a much more fundamental need--keeping warm and eating. 

Join me and my friends this year by giving a very small gift to folks in need in the Austin area. If you don't have a charity that you support, consider this humble organization--Mobile Loaves and Fishes. Mobile Loaves was founded here in Austin and has a very simple mission--Feed and Clothe Austin's homeless. 

A pair of clean, white, warm tube socks and a winter cap can bring great delight to the face and heart of a person living on our streets. A simple gift, that will warm your heart.

Mobile Loaves and Fishes, Inc.
903 South Capital of Texas Highway
Austin, Texas 78746


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