Austin Real Estate is Busting Loose at the Seams

If you are wondering why I have not written anything during the past two weeks, it is because Austin Real Estate is just busting loose and booming. Really. It's not just me, but every experienced Realtor that I know that has been in this business for very long and knows what is going on is being inundated with activity right now. Why is that?

Here is what is happening right now:

1. Inventory is low. This means that the number of available homes for sale compared to the number of buyers who are buying homes is low. There are possibly as many buyers as homes. (If you have a home that you are considering putting on the market this year--let's talk soon). 

2. Buyers are "fighting" over houses. Well, not really fighting, but we are definitely seeing an increase in multiple offers--a big increase. This is the most challenging time for buyers, coming out of a national real estate crisis--it can be hard to understand why Austin's market is so fast paced compared to many places where people have moved.

3 Houses that show well and are priced right are selling. While a Seller's Market does not mean that all houses will sell fast or sell at all--it does mean that homes that are move-in ready and priced to market are selling fast--near, at or above the listing price. Unless there are issues or concerns for the buyers, we are seeing homes sell. 

That's the recap. I am sorry that I don't have more time to write, or add to The Austin Golfer this month. At the rate the market is moving right now you may have to call me and talk to me about buying or selling your home--rather than us catching up on the blog. I am available to help you with your Real Estate needs 7 days a week. Just call me--Let's Talk.


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