Which One Would You Choose to be Your Austin Realtor?

This is the selling season, when buyers buy and sellers begin looking for the right Realtor to represent you, market and sell their home.  You may know a Realtor in your community, so here are some questions for you to consider before selecting a Realtor to represent you to sell your home.

Given the choice, which of these two people would you choose to represent you to sell your home?

Marilyn Monroe? Beautiful. Famous. Easy to talk to. She knows lots of people--but does that help you market and sell your house? Are her friends in the market for a new home? And as a buyer, would you buy a house because the listing agent is attractive and nice? She also has other homes listed in the community. Does that help you sell your home? (I really like Marilyn Monroe and I am a fan of her movies--but personally, I don't see the value in her being my Realtor).

How about Anne Oakley? You may not know that Anne Oakley was a real person and that she was as big as her legend. She may not have been the most attractive person in history, but she was a person with incredible talent and a well honed skill in her profession. She could do with a gun what few people in her generation could even imagine and she was not afraid of being different. She was known far and wide for being one of the best "shooters" around and for those in her day who did not know her--they learned fast that they were no match for Anne. Anne was one of the best in her field--bar none. 

Q: So which personality would you choose to list and market your home? 

Here are some other questions to ponder as you think about listing your home:  

Q: Would you choose your Realtor based on where they live? or would you choose based on how much money they spend each quarter to market your home to buyers online?

Q: Does your Realtor neighbor know how many agents work for their brokerage in Austin, but can't seem to remember how many houses they closed for clients last year?

Q: Does your Realtor neighbor have more "designations" and "classes" behind their name than the number of clients that they helped buy or sell a house last year? 

Q: Would you choose your Realtor based on their sweet personality and number of social committees that they sit on? or would you choose based on their business savvy and market knowledge?

It's your choice and I don't pretend to know the right answer for you and your family.

If I can be of service to you in your home listing or your next home purchase in the Greater Austin area, for investment or for your personal home--please do give me a call and Let's Talk.


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