Schlitterbahn Coming to Cedar Park?

If you like water and you like fun, you should be planning your next vacation to Schlitterbahn. Better than that--just wait a couple of years and you can get a season pass and take the kids every weekend!

Yes, it appears as though Schlitterbahn is going to come to the Austin area (Cedar Park--that is).

Community Impact News is reporting that the negotiations and planning with the Developers, City Government and Investors are back on the table and potentially getting to a decision point. Normally, I might tell you not to hold your breath, but for this one--hold your breath. I think it will happen and I think it will be great for the area. Good for residents, investors, business--good for everyone. More traffic? Of course there will be traffic. Austin is growing and along with this comes more traffic, but traffic on 1431 and Parmer is not heavy today and Cedar Park is looking at ways to address the future traffic in the area as well.

No kidding, if you want to have a lot of fun in the water, check out one of the many Schlitterbahn Parks. These guys are known as one of the top water park designers and innovators in the world. It's all good.


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