Austin Real Estate SOLD Trivia - Biggest House, Most Expensive Home, Oldest Homes Still Standing

Austin Real Estate is full of surprises and many people do not realize how broad our market tends to be in terms of price and size of homes. Home prices in the area can start well below 50% of the median home value (which is around $200,000) to well over $15,000,000. Looking at the MLS record, there are many surprising and interesting statistics. Of course, not all homes were sold via the MLS. Many custom homes were built exclusively for the owners--so there are a number of premier luxury homes in our city that have no price tag assigned to them yet. 

Here is what we know from the MLS:
  • The MLS data shows us records of over 300,000 homes sold
  • The largest single family home sold--in bedrooms: 13 bedrooms
  • The largest single family home sold--in size: 18,955 sf
  • The most expensive sold price: $12,000,000
  • The highest price psf sold: $1256 psf 
  • The highest price listing that did not sell: $20,000,000
  • The largest single family home currently for sale: 18,000 sf
  • The highest price home currently: $15,000,000
  • Largest garage: 12 cars
  • Largest number of bath rooms: 12
  • Oldest home still standing: Built near the turn of the Century--late 1800's

The numbers are always interesting and to many--surprising. There are a number of prominent Austin residents whose homes are not yet included in the list because they have never been re-sold. Homes that may range well in excess of 40-60,000 square feet in size and whose hill top vistas are well known to neighbors and Realtors. One day you may have the opportunity to purchase one of these homes as well.

Note: These stats come from the Austin area MLS. Not all Real Estate is sold via the MLS. Some Real Estate is still sold by old school vehicles of "pocket listings". A pocket listing is a home that is secretly for sale by one Realtor or one brokerage to a hand full of prospective clients. Why any seller would secretly list their house in such a way that only a few potential buyers might find out about it is beyond my comprehension in this day of Internet marketing. If a seller really wants to sell their home and they are willing to negotiate a reasonable offer for their property--Internet marketing is the most viable way to get maximum visibility and maximum information access to buyers coming into the area. Virtually every buyer of Austin area Real Estate today shops on the internet. Selling in secret may not be a seller's best foot forward.


  1. Great info. Love living out here. =)

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