The Texas ROT Rally and Naked Bikers?

It is going to be an exciting time in Austin this weekend! The huge Republic of Texas ROT Rally will be in town this weekend. Yes, that is what ROT stands for--Texas. You know, one of those flags at the capitol building that represents a time when Texas was its own country. It's a unique US history and so is this event. 

The ROT Rally brings ten's of thousands of bike and bikers from all over Texas (and beyond) here to Waterloo (If you don't know, you will have to look that reference up) and celebrity faces like Jesse James, Ted Nugent and Steve Triveno.  Besides the uniqueness of the cultural event, the ROT Rally brings tens of millions of business dollars to the Austin area this weekend. It's not big--it is huge! This is no doubt the predecessor to the F1 event and one reason we know F1 is going to be such a big event here in Austin--Austin knows how to have a good time. 

ROT Rally 2012

And then there is another bike ride this weekend. This one is a little different (maybe) as the bikes are a little lighter. And lighter clothing, too! This seems to becoming another of Austin's unique Weird events. Following the traditions of Hippy Hollow, Halloween on 6th Street, Mardi Gras/Carnival and the ROT Rally...this is another Austin area event that celebrates the freedom of expression.

Well, regardless of whether or not you will find yourself at either of these two events this weekend or not, they are a part of our history and our social culture.

NOTE: Photos and graphics are the property of the promoters and owners of the Texas ROT Rally.



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