Is the Housing Crisis is Over?

It is a good thing when even the national economist, who are often the most pessimistic and last to join in, see a national recovery of the housing market. CLICK HERE--"The housing market has turned--at last."  While Austin has been relatively shielded from the worst of the issues that have plagued much of the nation these past few years, we have seen an impact. Most notably, when home owners have difficulties selling their homes in California, Florida, Massachusetts and other states or cities in the nation--they often are unable to relocate to the Greater Austin area as a result. 

Looking in the rear view mirror now, even the most pessimistic naysayers among us is having a hard time predicting more national doom and gloom ahead for the housing market. It's not hard business analytics to figure out. Look around. The housing market is moving and if this is a bus you are hoping to catch--now is a great time to jump on board. 

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  1. The rent prices are up, buying prices are down and at its lowest now. So if you are having second thoughts on whether to buy that property or not, now is the time to buy it, specially if you have the money. The state of the economy's going nowhere but up, and I am sure of that.

    Barry Trujillo
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