Austin's Best Kept Secrets?

Here is an inquiry for you, The Readers. What are Austin's best kept secrets? Maybe some of them are not secrets at all--but are your favorite part of living in Austin. Are you ready to give up your secrets?

Here is a little secret that is no secret at all. In Texas, we like to rename things like roads and rivers. Ask someone how to get to Hwy 1 or where the Colorado River runs through Austin and it may take them a few minutes to figure it out. Ask them how to get to MoPac or to Lake Austin and you will get instant recognition. I have lived in Texas for more than 20 years and have witnessed this behavior in other Texas cities--not just Austin. I always figured it was how the "locals" tell how long someone has lived here. Like how someone pronounces "Manor" is a dead-giveaway to whether or not they have given in to the local culture or they are still hanging on to the past. 

Austin is filled with little secrets. Tales of Jack the Ripper and the Moon Light Towers? Do you know "what people say" about these bits of history? It is fascinating and I have written about it here on my blog. Pennybacker bridge? How did that name come about? Do you know?

What bits of Austin secrets do you know? Want to post here and tell us?


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