Custom Cake Designs for Your Event

Well, this has nothing to do with Real Estate, but it does have to do with Austin business and something that will interest a number of my clients, friends and colleagues. Sometimes the difference between a good party and a party that your friends and family will remember for years to come can be one little thing. Let me suggest to you that this one little thing for your next party may be a beautiful custom cake by The Cake-a-doodle. This small start up business will so impress you with a custom cake design of your desires that you will never want to buy a cake any where else again. Check it out and then give Jhoana a call for your next birthday party, shower, wedding, anniversary, event or holiday. You will not be disappointed. (FYI: this is neither a paid advertisement nor was it solicited by theCakeAdoodle). Links to FaceBook and more photos below.

Cake-a-doodle on FaceBook


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