Sunday, December 9, 2012

Why Are Investors Buying in Austin

Everything that I have read for at least the past 3 years says that Texas has been and continues to be possibly the most advantaged state in the country for job growth and population expansion. Conversely, considering that most of what I read and hear from clients about many other places regarding issues with degrading educational standards, high crime, long daily commutes, high cost of living, state debts, state taxes, volatile real estate climate (big swings up and then down) and many other regional issues--it is no wonder the nation's attention is turning again to Texas. Texas is not perfect and certainly has its growing pains, but compared to many (once) popular places to live--the four largest cities in Texas have gained a lot of ground in recent years and projections seem to be more of the same. New jobs bring new opportunities. 

Austin offers some of the best of the best! Some of the best schools in the country are located here. Austin has two schools listed in the top 100 public high schools in the nation. High job growth. New business development is still booming. Venture capitalists are not only investing in Austin, but they are also starting to move offices to Austin as well. Cost of living is good and low compared to many major cities in the nation and Austin is on the radar of the nation and the world of late. 

Austin's growth industries are prospering at the expense of places like Silicon Valley, Boston, Florida and other major regions in the nation. You can Google the words "Austin Top 10" or "Austin Texas growth" and find hundreds of articles written on how Austin tops the nations cities in almost every category--year after year. 

Some of what is driving attention and growth in Austin:
  • High Tech start ups and new venture capital dollars here (Apple just announced growth of 6000 employees here); Intel, AMD, Dell, ARM, IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Apple, 3M, Samsung--and many others have corp HQ or huge campuses here; each of these campuses employ from a few thousand to as many as 17,000 people! The Samsung facility here is the largest foreign investment on US soil.
  • Software industry start ups (Lots of "little known" start-up companies are here, before they become software giants--and they are starting in Austin)
  • Major social media expansion in Austin (e.g., LegalZoom, FaceBook, Paypal)
  • One of the nation's largest Real Estate franchises is based here, with almost 100,000 Realtors across the country and thousands of local Realtors
  • University of Texas --one of the largest and best known schools in the country--UT
  • New Medical industry campuses and expansion (e.g., Dell Children's Hospital--a facility designed to be on par with St. Jude Children's hospital in Memphis).
  • Financial industry growth (Citi Group just announced plans to expand here with 800 new jobs)
  • SXSW has international acclaim for music, software development and movie industry
  • F1 Racing in the USA is now based in Austin and this is already a huge success!
  • Austin City Limits is known throughout the music world--ACL
  • Schlitterbahn coming to Cedar Park, just a few minutes away from the new Civic Center and multiple new community developments
  • Two minor league sports teams, the lakes, over 40 regional golf courses
  • And, of course, Austin has it own blend of unique local events such as Halloween on 6th Street, The ROT Rally, Charity Runs and Festival. And make no mistake about it--when Austin does an event, it is big!
  • Well, the list goes on and on; it is easy to see why Austin is growing and people are moving here and investing here.
For my money--I am invested in Austin. The residential rental roles are "full". High 90% levels. Median days on market so far this year for leasing is less than 2 weeks on the market--across greater Austin. Rents have gone up each year over the past several years and the ROI for investors remains strong. Homes are appreciating and people are moving to Austin. We are having a banner year in Real Estate. Frankly, I don't think it gets any better than this.

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