Thursday, January 10, 2013

Austin Population is Growing

The Austin Business Journal is reporting that Greater Austin's population has grown to just over 1.87M people. This moves Austin into the position of the 34th largest city in the nation. Not bad for a little town about which just 5 years ago few people seemed to know much. In recent past, we may have considered Austin a "big-little city". Today, we are definitely approaching the designation of "little-big city"--sort of little, but not really.

Today, if you don't know Austin, you have not been to Austin or you have not considered moving to Austin--we might have to call you Rip Van Winkle. Time to wake up. The world has changed.

Austin is growing. Job growth is strong. Housing market is strong. Investors and individual home owners are buying in Austin. The Austin rental market is strong; so strong, landlord can often rent desirable homes in less than a week's time with multiple lease offers.  

If you are considering moving to Austin, buying or selling in the Greater Austin area and you have not found an experienced Realtor that you trust with your new home needs--give me a call. I would be happy to work with you. tT


  1. That's great to hear Tim, this is great for me and Kari since Austin is also the Pet Loving Capital as well!

  2. It is great to read about this Austin population growth fact. Now investors will rush to this place :)

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