Friday, January 4, 2013

Increasing The Value of Your Home Before Selling - For Very Little Money

If it has been a while since the last time you bought or sold a home, let me remind you what kind of things are important to buyers--that is to say, what makes an impression on buyers that may help you sell your home faster. While every buyer has different needs for schools, budgets, distance to work, size of lot, 1 story/2 story, community pools and many, many other feature needs that are different for each buyer, there are certain things and certain parts of the house that many, if not most, buyers are interested in seeing. First impressions of these key areas of the house are very important. Like staging, there may be inexpensive things that you can do in your home to "dress up" parts of your house that will help potential buyers see the value. 

Kitchens are important in this day and age to most buyers. Running a close second to kitchens are bath rooms and the master bedroom. One thing that you can do to your kitchen for less than $50-100 is to add nice door knobs and draw pulls to the cabinets. Many cabinets, expensive and in-expensive cabinets alike, do not have hardware knobs and pulls. This leaves the cabinets looking a little bit unfinished. You can fix this problem with a quick trip to the neighborhood home store, where you can buy some simple, nice and matching door pulls. You may even be able to install them yourself if you are handy with patterns and the drill. But if you do it yourself, plan it out carefully, get your spouse's opinion first and proceed carefully and slowly. It is not rocket-science, but you can't do it in your sleep the first time either. So pay attention or hire a handy-man to do it for you.

On the surface, you may think that this kind of practice is deceptive, but that is just not the case at all. Buyers sometimes need help in seeing the value. It can be difficult to picture something with mere words or ideas. This is an idea that is easy to put into play so that your potential buyer does not have to imagine what pulls and knobs would look like--they can see them. 

There are lots of little things you can do to help buyers see the value of your home and to help you sell your home faster and get the most money for your listing. A great Home Stagger (like my home stagger) can help you with getting your home ready to sell. 

When you get ready to sell, if you have not found a great Realtor to work with, I would love to talk to you about helping you sell your home. 

Happy 2013 New Year!

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  1. Good pointers! I will put my house up for sale and will definitely follow your advises! Some quick fixes and I should be able to sell it! Thanks for sharing!


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