May 27th, 2013 - Memorial Day

During these days of remembrance, I can't help but think of my dad. He was a soldier and then a pilot--during WWII, but he was a family man. A man of few words at home, but he loved to tell stories and jokes among his friends. He was a smart man and was always around for his friends. He came from a time when a successful man was one who was not afraid of anything and knew more about the world than just his one little corner. In fact, he was known for being well versed in the fields of health care, law, construction, travel, an instructor of military flight and yes--he was my beloved father.

I don't know much about his days of war. He did not talk about it. Over 60 missions in a B-26 5 man bomber. These were the ones that they sent out in large numbers and did not expect large numbers to return. They waited and hoped after each mission. My father was shot out of the sky on more than one occasion and he managed to bring the plane down and return to base. And yes, these were the stories that we seldom heard and when we did hear about them, the words were few and the stories were short. He was a man of faith and I believe he must have been torn between his love of country, he commitment to protect that country that he loved and the horrible atrocities of war.

On this memorial day, I salute my dad, Elwood Thornton and I have to say, while my father was on the other side of the world fighting for his country, my mother, and many other strong and brave women down through the years, was at home raising a passel of children.  She worked full time and raised seven little monkeys--almost by herself. She was amazing as well.

So, to the families of our military and to the soldiers who have given so much to make this country great--I salute you! on this Memorial Day!


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