Lowering Your Texas Property Taxes

If you believe your property tax evaluations are too high and you believe you should be paying lower property taxes, when you get your annual tax bill from the county (which you should receive every year--even if you escrow taxes)--you have some choices.

You can fight your property tax evaluations using comparable sold data from your Realtor (because Texas is a non-disclosure state, you have to be a Realtor to get this information from the MLS). I have done this in the past with some success and have clients who have done the same.

You can also hire a company that does this professionally. This will save you time and energy and even though you will have to pay the attorneys/company who fights this for you, you may still come out ahead.

I have fought the numbers from the county personally and I have used outside legal services to fight for me--and in the end, the hired gun paid better dividends for me than doing this strictly on my own.

If you are considering fighting your taxes, I recommend considering a reputable firm to fight them for you.

Good luck!


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