It is Cedar Fever Season in Austin! How to Get the Cedar Pollen Out of the Air

If you are feeling congested this week, have red and itchy eyes or maybe even feeling like you have a sore throat--you may be suffering from Cedar Fever! I am no doctor, but I do suffer from allergies this time of year--every year. The news is reporting cedar counts this week at "extreme" levels--and I believe we set a new record for the highest cedar pollen levels ever recorded! That is not good news for allergy sufferers, but there is hope.

If you have seen a doctor for your allergies, you may be taking medications or getting shots to curb your reactions to Cedar Fever. If this is working--Great! If you are not taking medications or medications are just not getting the job done, you might want to try putting one of these guys next to your bed, your desk or near by you at least twice a day. Clear the air before it fills your lungs.

Now there are tons of devices on the market that claim to clean the air. Big. Small. Expensive. Very expensive. And fairly cheap ones. I have tried some, but I have only found one that I feel strongly about and have used successfully for years here in Austin to reduce the cold-like symptoms and horrible feeling that I get when the seasonal allergies come calling on me.

When I first moved to Austin almost 10 years ago, in the Spring of each year I would get sick. Painfully sick. I thought I was getting a spring cold. For 2-3 weeks each year I would just feel deathly ill. At some point along the way my wife and I started researching air filters. We sought to find one that had the highest microbial filtration available, had filters that could be hand cleaned (not disposable) and did not cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars--because I am cheap. Most of what was available at that time were devices that cost more than ~$500 and had claims of great filtration with expensive filters that needed to be replaced frequently. Well, that just would not work for me. Ultimately, we stumbled upon this device made by Honeywell that had one of the highest filtration claims in the market at 99.97% filtration and claimed to filter virtually everything, including mold, pet dander, pollen--all the stuff that I thought was causing me problems. And it had a filter that could be cleaned by hand. I decided to give it a go. At that time, it was selling for about $170.00.

I won't go into the details of the spec's on the device--you can get that from the spec sheet in the Amazon link below. But what I will tell you is that this device helps keep me from getting that spring sickness now for many, many years here in Austin and I have recommended it to a number of clients who have claims of sound sleep, free of coughing and rest for the first time in years.

And there is a big side benefit to those of you who have little ones in your home like we do. These filters create white noise that is perfect for helping the little ones get to sleep--day and night. Our boys sleep to the sound of this air filter every day and the air in their nursery is clean! It is a miraculous device in our home. I suspect you will find it to be a great addition to your family, too.

When I wake in the morning and before I go to bed at night, all I need to do is turn on the Honeywell Air Filter for about 10 minutes in the room. I often stand over it and breath in the air directly when I am coughing to get in the direct wind channel. It is so refreshing that the coughing stops within a minute or two. This has been a life saver in our home for me and G first and now for the boys (well, okay, when they sleep, that is for us, too!). I hope it helps you with your seasonal allergies, mold, pollen and the little cloud of dander that follows your pets around the house. Enjoy.


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