Pinterest? To Add Value To My Home? Really?

The first time I heard about Pinterest, my friend and colleague was using the site to promote her business blog. I was very skeptical. So, I decided to do a little research and see what she was doing that was so exciting that caused 30,000 people to follow her. Surely, this was a forum for holiday cooking recipes or crafts made from popsicle sticks and children's glue. Well, I was wrong. Oh so very wrong. As it turns out, my friend had 30,000 followers because she is one of the DIY Queens of the internet and Pinterest was one of her primary vehicles for telling people around the world about her most excellent DIY blog--House of Hepworth. Since that first introduction to Pinterest, I have been exploring and digging deeper and deeper into this diverse web site and picking up more and more ideas about things that can add value to my real estate portfolio (and yours!).

The truth is, Pinterest is used today for a whole host of reasons. There are many things on Pinterest that I have NO interest in what so ever. That's okay, because I don't have to look at those pages and I don't search those ideas. Pinterest is an Ala-cart web site, where I can go and get what I want, and not be bothered by ideas that are not on my radar.  

What can you learn that may be of interest to you from other home owners-on Pinterest? Plenty! Here are some places where you can start:
  • How to refinish those ugly color cabinets in your kitchen that you hate
  • How and where to add wainscoting to your dining room, office or hall way
  • Ideas for refinishing your stair case to add WOW to an otherwise drab stair case
  • Ideas for replacing the cedar privacy fence in your yard with something much more exciting
  • How to remodel your kitchen or bath room
  • Understanding the difference between various flooring options
  • How to add crown molding or shoe molding--adding value for less
  • How to create a craftsman header on your door frames or windows
  • Ideas for creating more storage in your garage--get organized!
  • What about green energy? Solar & Wind power. Want to learn what you may be missing?
  • Building a custom home? Want to get some ideas where to spend your money?
Tons of ideas are waiting for you on Pinterest. You just have to jump in and start looking for help in the areas where your home needs it the most. Of course, not everyone is ready for DIY greatness, but there are lots of contractors who are ready, willing and able to help you execute your ideas. So, what are you waiting for? Jump in--the water is warm!

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