#3 in Series: D-Day--Decisions. "Building Your Home From The Ground Up!"

Well, yesterday was D-Day at the design center. This schedule was moved out by more than a week because we were not well, which allowed us to spend more time going through each of the design choices and determine which things we would employ the builder to construct, and which items we would tear out and replace ourselves on day one or during the first year. Sadly, we will be tearing out some of the flooring on day one and replacing it with a higher quality, less expensive wood floors. And we will also be tearing out some of the new tile in one of the bath rooms to replace with subway tile for about 25% of what the builder charges for subway tile in the little bathroom. It is a little disheartening what some of these items cost if the builder does the work. Having a healthy markup and 3 to 1 mark up are two different ball parks. Thankfully, my guys can do the work for less money and we can get exactly what we want--just like any other remodel that we have completed in the past.

I must say, the two ladies at the contract design center that worked with us were very professional and very helpful. Much to my relief. No complaints at all in their work on decorating or electrical assistance. I don't know if I would have felt very good about this whole process if we had not had the extra week to plan, budget and decide exactly what we were doing, but we left the design center feeling very good about where we are heading and what we have decided will be the cornerstones of our new home.

It is a lot of preparation, even for a person in the business and one who has remodeled multiple houses in the recent years. I help clients and investors with remodeling all the time, but when you are the one trying on Cinderella's slipper, it often feels more complicated than I expected.

I had not expected to learn so much during this process. One of the key things that I am feeling, first hand, is how stressful this process is on the front side. Again, been here. Done that. But some how, this time it is different. I am grateful for the opportunity to wear my client's shoes and walk the trenches of this experience with them again.


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