Fraudulent Lease Listings

I honestly don't know why I would get two requests in one day to see and lease (different) condos in Austin, but I have. The first odd thing about these requests, is that I don't really handle leasing--with the rare exception. The second thing about these calls is that the source of the information is not the MLS or a brokerage web site, but on a "little web site" known for selling every used product under the sun--usually at deep discounts. I don't mean to disparage these web sites, but when any person can load and list a property for rent and when there are no checks and balances and when the rent cost is far below the price to rent any property in the area, red flags should go up in the air immediately for the tenant.

So, here is my advice to those looking for a home to lease: Find a Realtor. Don't try to do this on your own thinking that you can cut a deal--because you won't get a deal. You can get burned doing this on your own in all kinds of ways and when you don't have to pay a Realtor to help you find a REAL condo or home for rent--what do you have to lose by getting help for your lease. Probably nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Best of luck to you. Don't let someone fool you into giving them money to lease a property that does not belong to them. 


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