90 Day Market Update: Aug, Sept, Oct 2015 - ATX

Ok, guys and gals, here are the market updates from the past three months in the Austin area. The summary is very simple:
  • Austin is still producing new jobs--daily.
  • People are still moving into the area for a variety of jobs, but largely driven by growth in high tech expansion and startups, which in turns generates growth in other areas
  • Interest Rates are still at all time lows, making home purchase and investments incredibly affordable to many people (however, there is a very strong indication from the Fed that the mid December Fed announcements will begin to release the 7 year hold on interest rates and we will begin seeing interest rates rise--you can see this starting to happen VERY GRADUALLY already in preparation of the anticipated December announcement).
  • Prices are still going up.
  • Inventory is still very low.
  • Taxes and Rent continue to go up (one is related to the other for landlords).
  • There is nothing on the horizon that says that any of this is going to change any time soon (except for interest rates). 
Here are the graphics created by the Austin Board of Realtors that show growth over the past 3 months:



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