How Fast is Austin Growing?

I read a popular daily post today that put Austin's growth rate in question along side other myths and statements that the "article" claims are lies or local myths. I can't speak for all the items in the list, but I can tell you that Austin is growing at rates and speeds that will blind you. It is nearly impossible to track and not all numbers agree, but if we look at the US Census data, there is certainly proof enough for some of us to say that indeed, Austin is growing at rates well above 100 people a day.

Here are some quick US Census numbers to consider: 
  • From 2010 to 2014, Travis County grew by 126,879 people. 
  • Williamson County, during this same period, grew by 66,571 people. 

The numbers here would suggest that the normalized growth during this period for these 2 counties (which is actually not all inclusive of the are that we consider Greater Austin today), comes out to about 132.5 people a day or 48,362.5 people a year! That's a lot of people.

Austin is not the only city in Texas that is growing, but people are coming to Austin every day from other states and other countries to find jobs, raise a family and call Austin home.


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