Why is Silicon Valley Moving To Austin

Two questions I get all the time are: 

(1) Is Silicon Valley really migrating to Austin?
(2) Will this continue?

Well, here is my perspective on these questions: 

New high tech industry jobs are being posted daily. All the major tech players are here in a big way and new start-ups are popping up quarterly. Lower total cost of living in Texas for individuals and businesses. A LOT shorter commute times to work here. Austin is a place where people want to live. Great schools. People are happy in Austin. Great suburban communities surrounding Austin City. And lastly--you can buy a WONDERFUL home here for about 1/3 of what you can buy (an old) median priced home in or around Silicon Valley. One third of the median home value. And for half of the price, you can buy a luxury home here.


So, will it continue? I would expect that as long as the picture looks even remotely like what I have described above--I can not see any reason why our market would change dramatically. Could I be wrong? Yes, but predicting a ice age is hard. Reporting what is happening is easy, even for people like me. I don't see anything on the Austin horizon that looks like an ice age.


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